Manage My Property

$299.00 $269.00


Visits to Property

´╗┐Resolve Tenant Issues

Take Pictures on Visit´╗┐

Collect Rent & Deposit to Specified Account

Pay Taxes

Fix Plumbing & Electricals

Monitor Even Vacant Property

This is price for basic service such as collecting rent and followup on the rent and visit your property 2 times a year.

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This product provides one full year professional property management service in Bangalore.

Managing property in India especially if you are not in the vicinity is a nightmare, unpaid or delayed rents, no proper maintenance of your property, breach of the contract, vandalism, encroachment is a common problem faced by landlords. We provide, various services with respect to property management including finding the tenant, negotiating with the tenant, tenant background verification, eviction services, carefully handling the money, property care, property inspection, bookkeeping including the paying bills such as property tax, service tax and other utility bills as required. We manage properties whether the property is occupied or not and we are here to help you in managing your property in each and every aspect. We will be your helping hand in India.


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