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Property Management Bangalore will be helping you to get the GPA by providing these action items.

1. Draft the GPA for the general or special type
2. Attorney Consultation and Signature Fee included.
3. Stamp Paper cost included.
4. Guide you through the process
5. Help you to resolve any legal questions related to the matter
6. Co-ordinate principal, agent and attorney.



It is likely that people who have an immovable property in India feel the need to give the power of attorney to someone in India to take care of all the affairs related to the property. Businessmen and industrialists living in the U.S. often have to make decisions that affect operations in India. To solve the problems faced in day-to-day operations, people often delegate their functions to a third party (a family member, business partner, employee, etc). The third party performs functions on their behalf. A power of attorney is a legal document that explains this arrangement between two parties.

As a person who is empowering another person to act on your behalf, you will be the principal and the other person is the agent. This is a very serious matter and should be handled with care. Give a power of attorney when absolutely necessary to do so. Remember that your agent will act for you and his actions will have legally binding implications for you. You cannot walk away from the consequences so choose your agent wisely.

There are two types of power of attorney:

General power of attorney
Special power of attorney


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