Dear proud homeowners and landowners from Bangalore,
I would like to congratulate you for the accomplishment you made by owning a piece of real estate. Real estate is the best investment you can make in your life and it always brings revenue and profit as you age, but it is a slow process and if you have patience you will be happy in the long run. However, if you are feeling little exhausted, since taking too much time in property management, rent management or selling property in Bangalore. It is not a surprise and it is quite common in this line of business. You are not alone and we have all been there, so I would like to share my humble story with you. It all started in the year 2002 when I bought my first property in Bengaluru. I was excited and thrilled for the fact that I have made my own real estate property which I can touch it, feel it and mark it on this earth as mine. Then I had so many plans including building multi story shopping complex, with God's grace I did that too, but the journey was not easy one. It started fairly easy in the beginning and then slowly things were getting messy. For example, drilling a bore-well before constructing the building got into unnecessary waste. Bore-well guys drilled 500 feet borewell first then decided to drill another one next to it and the reason they provides me was first borewell had loose soil so they need to drill another one but I came to know that no one was on the spot from my side while they were drilling. Lesson learned and then again I faced difficulty in getting Government approval to start the construction and whatever we got was not clear. It was full of vague terms and outdated rules yet I have to comply with them. Major blow was my neighbor's complaint to every Government department they can think of I was not sure why they need to go that extent.

I had to deal all of these while I am working full time in USA. I used to get nightmare every night not that I am loosing money every day but worrying about the project ever get completed. Well finally completed and I learnt few lessons in real estate and plenty more to go. Then came finding tenants and negotiating the rent and it is not easy either. I made several mistakes I wish I had someone who could have advised me to take right steps. I learnt it in a hard way. I lost significant amount of rental revenue and I didn't act quickly when the tenant shown some interest. I ended up wasting a lot of money and time in fixing little things. Every time got promises from plumber or carpenter, that work will be done to satisfaction and believing on it will be a naive from my part. I started realizing that every work item needs attention, adequate knowledge, labor management skills, domain knowledge, constant dedication and many more. I hired dedicated person who will look after issues I discussed above and in addition to helping with getting property documents, property maintenance, finding right tenant, negotiating the rent, conducting eviction, collect rent on time, followup on the late payments, pay property tax, service tax, water bill, electricity bill on time and conduct repairs as early as possible to avoid later expensive repairs. You own multi unit property then these problems will multiply. Since I went through these kind of daunting difficulties and I thought many more NRIs going through the same and I wanted help them and hence I started Kempaservices and my friends loved the idea and encouraged to reach out to more who may need the most.

Especially when both husband and wife are working and they have to juggle with kids and you are not near the property and trying to managing real estate remotely example may be in Bengaluru or any other city in India will be much more difficult. I would recommend seeking help from professional company who has experience property management, rent management and selling property for top price and have presence and long exposure to local market dynamics such as ours.

Business has grown just based on the referrals, evidently we found lot many NRIs looking for this kind of services than I imagined! so I hired more professionals, dedicated office space, facilities, proven processes and 24/7 support system. I hope I am helpful in this end ever to you all.

Gangaswamy Kempahonnaiah
Founder & President