Premier Property Management Company in Bangalore which manages your property including the fixing electrical issues, plumbing and painting or any other minor issues. Visit property regularly..
Property Management Bangalore will find tenants for your rental property. We use our professional experience to find the right tenants by using our network, online, social and paper ad methods to find tenants quickly and provide you the earnings as early as possible..
Property Management Bangalore will find qualifying buyer for your property using our professional experience and network along with social media, internet and other real estate websites including print media we will work hard to sell your property for the top price.


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Kempa Service is instrumental in finding tenant for my apartment. They performed beyond my expectation. My property was vacant for two years I found Kempa Services through my referral and then I approached them and show professionalism in every service they provide. They provide prevailing market rates and also advise on the improvements needed to get the top price.

Mr. Ravindra

Director Technology Services

I came to know Kempa Services through my contacts and I had one property in Koramangala Bengalore and I wanted to sell, Kempa Services professional experience helped us find the buyer and stage the negotiation and close the deal. I am confident that I got top price for my property for the small fee to the Kempa Service. I would recommend to my friends and relatives confidently.


IT Manager , Bay Area

I had one property inherited from my parents and I wanted to manage it since it was needed some maintenance and some touch up painting I contacted Kempa Services and they were able to fix and made the property rentable again in a week. I was impressed with their knowledge and professional communication and transparency throughout the process. thank you guys keep up the good work.

Dr. Praveen

Doctor, Internal Medicine

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We like to bring the relevant news from Bengaluru Real Estate sector. We provide real estate trend with respect to selling properties, purchase, renting, property tax etc.

BBMP Property Tax is Due for the Year 2018-19

Take advantage of 5% early payment discount and avoid the late payment of 2% per month(ie 24% per year)

Service Tax and Filing is due for the year 2018

Service tax is 18% and must paid on or before 20th of the following month and also must filed each quarter and avoid paying 2% per month penalty

Demonetization Impact on RealEstate

It ‘s been almost 18 months since the government decided to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, widely used for purchasing properties. Pundits expected demonetization turmoil will cause severe damage to the real estate sector and takes years to become normal. But reality is different real estate prices are going up. It looks like India real estate is unstoppable.